Second Kin developer program to launch in a bid to ‘drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency’

The second Kin developer program is set to launch on Thursday, allowing developers to integrate blockchain technology into new and existing apps in the Kin ecosystem

Kin is set to launch their second developer program on January 17th, providing developers with a further chance to make a name for themselves whilst earning fiat or crypto.

The Kin Foundation, a non-profit governance body for Kin, announced the launch on Medium today. The initiative will reward “select” developers for successfully launching Kin-powered features in consumer apps. Developers will be able to earn rewards in the form of crypto and fiat if they are successful with their creations.

The Kin Foundation oversee the Kin ecosystem on matters relating to the development of the Kin Rewards Engine, membership, security, and the “ecosystem’s transition into a fully decentralized model that operates independently of Kik.” Kik is the social media platform developed by Kin.

Matt DiPietro, chief marketing officer at the Kin Foundation, speaks highly of the initiative, stating:

“By offering developers the opportunity to integrate cryptocurrency into their projects while providing a financial bonus to earn Kin and fiat rewards, Kin is furthering its mission to drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.”

It is believed that up to 100 developers will be afforded the opportunity to integrate Kin using the new software development kit, Kin SDK, which provides users with more flexibility when designing Kin experiences.

The Kin SDK will grant developers the ability to easily merge the complexities of blockchain into new or existing apps. The design is reportedly based from feedback presented to the Kin team following the inaugural Kin developer program that launched last year.

Ayelet Laub, product manager of developer experience, notes: “We’ve heard and listened to participants in the first program to further set developers up for success and reap the benefits of integrating Kin, while helping Kin become the most used cryptocurrency in the world.”

The press release details how the Kin developer program accounts for 29 out of 33 apps in the Kin ecosystem. It proceeds to reveal, “these 29 apps have brought more than 40 thousand users to the ecosystem, generating more than 3 million Kin transactions in the last 30 days.”

Applicants who wish to join the Kin developer program must first submit creative ideas for Kin-powered experiences in a “new or existing consumer application that enables users to earn and spend Kin, and foster peer-to-peer engagement between users.”

Submissions are currently open for anyone who is hoping to join the second developer program. The deadline for applications closes on March 26th 2019. For added incentive, the first 40 apps to go live will be granted a “bird bonus of up to $5,000.” If you are a developer and are lucky enough to reach milestones in the Kin developer program, you could receive up to 400 million Kin for doing so.

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