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Seoul Mayor confirms to attend CHAIN PLUS+ blockchain summit

CHAIN PLUS+ 2019 blockchain summit (23th-24th, Jan 2019 in Seoul) will mainly focus on the topic “Blockchain empowering entity economy”

As one of the world’s most popular blockchain and cryptocurrency investment markets, South Korea has a high level of enthusiasm for crypto investment. Large companies are actively deploying blockchain tracks, and even the Korean government continues to release good news that the policy as one of the most important factors in the development of the blockchain got the green light from the Korean government.

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soo launched the “Block City Seoul City Plan” in October 2018. The plan shows that by 2022, Seoul City will set up nearly 100 million dollars as the blockchain industry fund to cultivate excellent blockchain projects, effectively promote high technology, and plans to invest 53 million US dollars in the Gaepo Digital Innovation Park and Mapo Venture Center. Witht the aim to construct two districts for the blockchain industry, where they will support 200 high-quality blockchain projects and aim to train local industry experts in Korea.

Recently, the mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon confirmed to make a keynote speech at the CHAIN PLUS+ 2019 blockchain summit which will be held on 23th-24th, Jan. Co-organized by MTN(Money Today Network Inc) and Chainers, respectively as South Korean business and economic media conglomerate and top of the blockchain accelerators in South Korea.

In addition, Chainers also brought a lot of good news!

The government of South Korea is preparing to establish two blockchain incubation centres to introduce new high-quality blockchain projects and companies which wish to land in and develop its business in South Korea. With its goal to develop a better eco-system in the blockchain industry as well as to create new quality jobs in South Korea. In the meanwhile, Chainers will be one of the designated organizations to examine, review and recommend prospective blockchain projects, closely collaborating with related departments in government.

Professor Park, from Sogang University in Korea, will be the president of the Korea Blockchain Association (the only official Korean blockchain association) and will serve as a senior consultant for Chainers from early next year.

Korean Parliamentarian “Park Joo-sun” has just successfully established a committee of 16 government members for the purpose of the legislative proposal, it will have the authorisation to propose blockchain related laws to the related department of the Korean government. While Vision Creator (parent company of Chainers in Korea) is currently preparing to implement its own STO exchange in Korea, this committee of Park Joo-sun will be their strategic partner in STO exchange.

Jung Joo-yong (Perry Jung) chairman of Chainers, has been deeply involved in traditional financial and securities industry in Korea for decades and is expert in IPO rules and compliance process. To help prospective blockchain projects/companies better understand market and cryptocurrency investors in Korea, and enable them to develop go-to-market strategies in Korea, Chainers is regularly holding meet-ups in many different places in China.

Chainers is currently working with a top traditional securities company that has obtained five financial licenses in Hong Kong, and also preparing for Korean financial licenses as well. With its facilitation, Chainers will better support projects to do ICO/STO in Korea.

CHAIN PLUS+ 2019 blockchain summit (23th-24th, Jan 2019 in Seoul) will mainly focus on the topic “Blockchain empowering entity economy” and will be supported by different industries such as economic and finance, games, and traditional Korean conglomerates such as Samsung and Hanwha groups. Along with its various highlights and key features, Chain Plus+ 2019 will bring great values to all ranges of stakeholders as well as integrating industry resources and injecting new energy into the blockchain industry even in the recent bear market.

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