Seoul Metropolitan Government uses ICON to appoint new members to blockchain team

Cryptocurrency ICON is being used by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to appoint new members to its blockchain governance team

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is using Korean cryptocurrency ICON to appoint new members to its blockchain governance team.

The ICON team released an official announcement on Friday, in which it states that Seoul’s government has “issued mobile letters of appointments” to incoming staff using ICON’s public blockchain.

ICONLOOP developed the mobile letter system. The system stores team members’ names, identification numbers, and membership details.

As the information is stored on the ICON blockchain, it makes “falsification and fake issuance impossible.” Authenticity can be verified in the ICON tracker.

The South Korean capital is hoping to build a name for itself as the ‘Blockchain City,’ much in the same way Malta is often dubbed the ‘Blockchain Island.’

As part of their initiative to increase blockchain-led infrastructure, the Seoul Metropolitan Government organised the “Seoul Blockchain Governance Team” in October 2018.

The team consists of 100 citizens including students, developers, and corporate representatives, all of whom are collaborating in blockchain-based administration services.

“We expect the increase in public blockchain use cases led by government, and this appointment letter issuance is a starting point to show a clear example of how blockchain can be used in government,” said J.H. Kim, council member of the ICON Foundation and CEO of ICONLOOP.

Kim added: “ICONLOOP will focus on improving development capability to provide transparent and efficient blockchain-based administration services, cooperating with Seoul Metropolitan Government.”

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