ShapeShift flags up Lightning Pizza ordering glitch

18 pizzas for lunch? Would you settle for two?

Crypto exchange ShapeShift tried to get its hands on some Domino’s pizza using the Bitcoin Lightning Network. And it didn’t go so well.

Hilarity ensued as you will see by checking the responses to Erik Voorhees’ tweet.

Lightning Pizza’s website says that it “enables you to order Domino’s pizza using the Lightning Network at a discount. Every order is 5% off, <$0.01 transaction fees, instant settlements and ~30min delivery time. Lightning Pizza is the first US nationwide retail service powered by lightning payments meant to spread utility and spur awareness and adoption. The Lightning Pizza stands on the shoulders of giants, special thanks to LND labs, Satoshi, etc.”

The venture took to Twitter to announce: “Had some trouble scaling on-(pizza)chain transactions today. Now we owe @ErikVoorhees a pizza bounty for spotting it!”

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