Singapore government agency partner with ICON to support blockchain accelerator

Singapore government agency Enterprise Singapore are supporting a new blockchain accelerator program called Tribe Accelerator

Singapore government agency Enterprise Singapore have pledged their support to a new blockchain accelerator called Tribe Accelerator.

The accelerator is being launched in partnership with South Korea’s ICON Foundation, who will provide technical support, with PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub also involved.

The aim of the accelerator is to bring “real-world applicability and impact” to blockchain start-ups in order to promote widespread adoption of the technology across Asia.

“As the accelerator targets later-stage start-ups past their Series A funding rounds, Tribe will offer significantly more value as it provides start-ups with access to its network of governmental and business mentors, technical support, and technical talent, and ultimately help gain global exposure, which will help incubated start-ups translate their blockchain concepts into real products,” TRIVE partner Ng Yi Ming told CoinDesk.

Jonathan Lim, Enterprise Singapore’s director of start-up and global innovation alliance, added: “By working with Tribe Accelerator, we hope to create more innovative and disruptive blockchain start-ups to capture growth opportunities locally and overseas.”

The service will launch in early 2019, and will be free for companies looking to get involved at an early stage. The first quarter of next year is shaping up to be fairly momentous for the cryptocurrency space as Nasdaq recently announced that Bitcoin Futures will be launching alongside Bakkt Futures, which will start on January 24th.

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