SingularDTV launches crypto/blockchain film ‘Trust Machine’

The documentary film helps moviegoers fully understand the difference between Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology, blockchain

SingularDTV and Futurism Studios have produced the first blockchain-funded, distributed and focused documentary.

‘Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain’, narrated by Rosario Dawson, promises to explain to moviegoers, who still believe Bitcoin and blockchain are synonyms, the difference between the cryptocurrency and the underlying technology.

It explores the evolution of cryptocurrency, blockchain and decentralisation, including the technology’s role in addressing critical real-world problems, such as world hunger and income inequality.

From theatres to streaming

In a press release, the producers of the film say the movie is “an engaging documentary that also appeals to those who pay a bit more attention to developments in the digital arena. Refreshingly unconvinced by hype but still awed by blockchain’s potential, the film should have legs once it slides from theatres to streaming, remaining relevant even as this unruly topic develops”.

Why are banks so terrified?

Award-winning filmmaker Alex Winter shows that proponents of blockchain are already utilising the technology to change the world.

The main protagonists are Lauri Love, who plays a hacktivist. Vinay Gupta, as a strategic architect for Consensys and the CEO of Mattereum. Laura Shin plays a blockchain journalist, while Bill Tai is a venture capitalist. Tim Draper plays a venture capital investor. Imogen Heap is a musician. Spiros Michalakis is a Quantum Physicist at CalTech University in California. Mark Jeffrey plays the part of the Guardian Circle CEO.

The economic crisis and Satoshi Nakamoto

The film starts in 2008 during the global economic collapse and picks up when Satoshi Nakamoto releases the infamous whitepaper.

It then moves on to the Silk Road scandal and addresses how aggressively governments and institutions try to clamp down on disruptions to their holds on power. However, it puts focus on how blockchain technology is a tool for popular empowerment.

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