Snoop Dogg enters the NFT Metaverse in style

The Dogg has his own virtual mansion where he performs live and exclusive concerts for Sandbox players

In a highly unexpected crossover, legendary rap artist Snoop Dogg has entered the NFT Metaverse via his own private ‘virtual mansion’ on The Sandbox.

Sandbox players will be able to interact with others in Snoop’s mansion, access exclusive NFTs, and attend live concerts and ‘priceless experiences’ through a Snoop Private Party Pass – which can be obtained in three different ways.

Snoop Dogg fans can get a ticket by either winning an airdrop, purchasing a Snoop Private Party Pass or purchasing land in the upcoming ‘SNOOP Land sale’ on September 30. Only 1,000 passes will ever be available to the mansion, leading to the expectation that the event will be a very exclusive affair.

Additionally, users will have the chance to ‘become’ Snoop Dogg via hand-crafted voxel Avatars that can be used across the expansive Sandbox metaverse.

Snoop also released the NyanDogg collection – a collection of infamous NyanCats styled in typical Snoop Dogg fashion with the tagline “the official 4/20 celebration between Nyan Cat and the one and only Snoop Dogg!”.

The Sandbox is an open NFT Metaverse platform where users can create, play and monetise their creations on the blockchain. Users can buy “LAND” to access exclusive content and monetise their own portion of the Metaverse.

The Sandbox is heavily involved in the NFT community and continues to be the leading NFT Metaverse platform both in influence and reputation. It recently purchased a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for a record $2.42m, saying that the purchase to helped “invest and help build the ecosystem”.

Snoop Dogg is also rumoured to be an existing member of the NFT community after revealing himself to be the prominent NFT collector Cozomo Medici in a recent tweet.

Medici is the owner of an array of high-profile NFTs including two highly-coveted ‘Zombie’ CryptoPunks alongside seven other Punks. His collection also includes pieces from the Art Blocks Curated collection and 10 sought-after MeeBits.

Many have said that the ‘persona’ of Medici doesn’t match the informal style of Snoop Dogg due to the accounts use of ‘crypto twitter’ terminology such as “gm” (good morning) and frens (friends).

However, the two have engaged and interacted with each other often, leading many to believe that Snoop has been heavily involved in NFTs for a while and is a passionate member of the NFT community.

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