Social network Gab urges its 850,000 users to start using Bitcoin

Gab believes that "Bitcoin is free speech money" and recently urged their 850,000+ users to start using cryptocurrency

Social network Gab posted a tweet yesterday imploring its 850,000+ users to begin using popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Gab, the self-proclaimed “Home of Free Speech Online,” has found itself facing a lot of censorship lately. Gab CEO Andrew Torba recently discovered that he had been banned from popular exchange Coinbase, with the company’s business account also being banned several months prior. Gab is also banned from PayPal, Stripe, and BitPay.

Whilst Gab is a highly controversial company, they still have an estimated 850,000 users.

Gab, who claim to be funded by “the People, with a mission to defend free expression online,”  wrote that their “online censorship war has taken an even more extreme turn over the past several months.” They claim that “hundreds of thousands” of people have been banned and “punished” for political opinions on all major social media platforms.

Gab stated they will now be accepting Bitcoin for their “optional GabPro service.” They are also accepting cheques and money orders to their PO Box as these are their “only two options for processing payments.”

The post states that: “To support alternative media, your favourite content creators, and free speech on the internet,” people need to “learn about Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin is free speech money. No bank, no corporation, and no government can stop you from sending or receiving Bitcoin. Bitcoin can’t be censored by anyone.”

Gab suggest that Bitcoin’s nominal value is irrelevant because “that’s not what is important,” and what is important about Bitcoin is the “censorship-resistant free speech money and payment processing.”

It seems that since Gab has been banned from PayPal and other payment processors, they are actively trying to ensure they still receive support from their users, with Bitcoin being a viable solution to their problem.

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