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Social Trading Platform Bingbon Completes Rebrand to BingX

Singapore, Singapore, 18th November, 2021,

Popular social trading and cryptocurrency platform Bingbon has completed a revamp of its entire corporate structure while taking on a new name – BingX.

The adoption of the new trademark follows a period of significant growth for the exchange, which has in recent years built a reputation as one of the best copy trading platforms in the digital asset industry.

Now known as BingX, the company hopes to continue accelerating open value transfer and empowering an accessible and engaging crypto trading experience, via innovative social trading solutions.

As well as a new moniker, the platform has unveiled a fresh logo that represents the legacy of Bingbon to this point. With the updated logo, BingX seeks to foretell the next chapter of cryptocurrency trading while positioning itself as the best venue to enjoy an enhanced user experience.

“A lot of thought processes and planning went into the creation of the name, BingX,” says Communications Manager Elvisco Carrington. “It’s a name that resonates and is capable of transcending through time; one that can adapt to the ever-changing crypto climate and is easy for the international community to digest, especially for our target community – all kinds of users from beginners to crypto OGs.

“What is important to note is that BingX signals seriousness. We want our exchange to be one of the top exchanges, without leaving any doubts or uncertainties in the minds of users and interest groups like top crypto media, crypto journalists, stakeholders, and potential investors.”

Having obtained the relevant licenses in North America (the US and Canada), Australia, and several other regions, BingX will continue to emphasize its unique social trading feature which allows users to connect with elite traders and leverage smarter investment strategies.

The exchange will soon be launching new trading pairs, giving users more options to interact with. Improvements to BingX’s copy-trading feature are also being made, and an upcoming series of innovative new products promises to take users on an unforgettable trading expedition.

The next chapter of BingX will introduce an open social trading network platform in the buoyant crypto-economy for everyone to associate, connect, and interact on the platform.

About BingX

Founded in 2018, BingX is a global digital asset, spot, and derivatives trading platform that provides a user-centric and open ecosystem with intuitive social trading features. Created to enrich the entire cryptocurrency industry, BingX is a safe, reliable and user-friendly venue for users to trade their favorite assets.



Communications Manager

  • Elvisco Carrington

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