launch bespoke debit card to fans worldwide

Blockchain-based social engagement platform Socios has launched a debit card that will allows users to spend balances and reap sports-related rewards

Blockchain-based sports fan voting app has announced the launch of its own VISA debit card powered by Railbank’s opening banking platform.

Socios has already partnered with various football clubs across the world including FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, AS Roma and Independiente.

The release of the debit card will allow users to make deposits into their EUR and GBP wallet on Socios, which will in turn top up their balance for making payments and purchases like any other debit card.

The card includes an IBAN and will initially be available in 26 countries in the European Economic Area, before expanding over time to additional markets.

Card holders will also be rewarded for every purchase, with rewards being focused on the club he user follows or supports.

For every purchase made the card holder will be able to access financial rewards, club-related benefits and to increase their influence and status as a fan on The VISA Debit Card will also allow the clubs to give more value to their sponsors, as it will create additional incentives for fans to make purchases.

The card also has the potential to serve, in certain exclusive locations, as ticket entry to the stadium whereby the user’s phone and card becomes the ticket with ID secured by the blockchain-based platform.

Users will have access to the VISA Debit Card by the end of summer, with a roll out to follow during Q3 and beyond.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO & Founder of Chiliz and, said: “The VISA debit card is the last mile between the club and its fans, through which fans can enjoy even greater recognition – receiving financial boosts and reward points while boosting their fan status for making purchases linked to the clubs they love.”

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