Solana integrates The Graph in indexing move

The Graph's (GRT) hosting service will integrate with the Solana ecosystem in indexing move for developers

An integration between the Solana ecosystem and The Graph has stolen the show on the first day of Solana’s Breakpoint conference.

The announcement will be delivered via StreamingFast’s Firehose interface, and aims to empower developers within the Solana ecosystem to deploy indexing queries.

As the market leading indexing protocol, developers will be able to utilise and deploy The Graph’s APIs (known as sub-graphs) to query and retrieve specific information from blockchain networks like Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Arbitrium.

Sub-Graphs define what data is queried from a blockchain and how it is stored, with queries powered by the network’s native GRT token.

To date, more than 23,000 sub-graphs have been deployed, sometimes in very important functions underpinning the technology at Uniswap, Gnosis, Decentraland and Audius.

What does The Graph integration mean for Solana?

This will mean Solana developers can connect dApps with the real-time data they need to facilitate price feeds, smart contracts, and complex transactions.

Indeed, Tegan Kline (Co-Founder of Edge & Node) explained the integration was essential for meeting demand from developers on the Solana ecosystem.

“With the high volume of activity, dApp developers need to be able to index and query blockchain data quickly and efficiently in order to deliver a good experience to their users, this is where The Graph comes in,” she explained.

But it will also mean a huge integration for users of The Graph across other integrated blockchains too – with the addition of Solana (and its $14.8bn TVL) representing a significant expansion for the GRT ecosystem.

Alexandre Bourget, co-founder & CTO at StreamingFast – one of the core developer teams that compose the decentralised network of the Graph protocol – explained how the integration would increase data democratisation across the Solana ecosystem.

“Through the Firehose integration, The Graph will be able to provide a robust base on which to consume Solana data for any purpose. This will finally make rich data about history available to everyone,” he said.

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