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Solve.Care partners with Uber Health to deliver medical transport service 

Blockchain-enabled healthcare administration and care coordination platform partners with ridesharing service to make healthcare more accessible 

Tallinn, Estonia. 9th July 2019 – Solve.Care, a global healthcare platform which uses blockchain technology for the administration, coordination, and payments of healthcare benefits, has announced a partnership with Uber Health, allowing healthcare organisations to provide accessible and affordable rides to patients and caregivers.

Dan Trigub, Head of Uber Health, says: “Every year, an estimated 3.6 million Americans miss their medical appointments due to a lack of reliable transportation, with the cost of missed primary care appointments estimated at $150 billion annually. At Uber Health, we are always looking for ways to ensure that transportation is not a barrier to care. Via our HIPAA-compliant solutions, we are working to facilitate rides for patients who might not have access or the ability to use smartphones, and to improve access to care for patients with mobility issues. Our partnership with Solve.Care supports our efforts by bringing innovation to the healthcare space and driving greater accessibility to care for patients.”

The partnership will result in the integration of Uber Health’s transportation solutions into Solve.Care’s Care.Wallet, a personal healthcare coordination and administration application. Through the Care.Wallet, patients will be able to schedule Uber Health’s HIPAA-compliant rideshare product to preapproved and predetermined care appointments, without the need for the Uber app or even a smartphone, immediately or for a specific day of the appointment.

Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care, comments: “Through our partnership with Uber Health, Solve.Care is bringing managed transportation benefits to healthcare programs and allows transportation to be integrated into the specific care needs of a patient. By offering access to this Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) service, we expect to improve the results of clinical delivery, and reduce overall healthcare costs for everyone.”

Additionally, patients can pay for the ride from their Care.Wallet and easily share ride costs with their family members, employers, insurers and others. The collaboration also allows for coordination between patient, provider, employer and family members in relation to assistance, arrival, costs and schedule adjustments.

“We believe our partnership with Uber Health supports Solve.Care in our mission to become the leading global healthcare benefits administration solution and help eradicate barriers to care for patient populations,” Goel concludes.

Care.Wallet with support for Uber Health is scheduled to be released within Q2 2019 and is expected to be deployed by a US insurer in Q3 2019.

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