Space Misfits gears up to launch its alpha version this week

Blockchain game Space Misfits is set to launch its single-player alpha version called 'Space Misfits RUSH' on Saturday May 25

Space Misfits – dubbed the world’s first blockchain-powered, open-world role-playing game (RPG) – is set to launch its single-player alpha version on May 25.

The news was announced in a Medium blog post, which states: “The final version of Space Misfits will be a full open-world massively multiplayer online (MMO) game in its truest form.

“However, to give you a taste of the good life, the blockchain life, we are launching the alpha version of our game as a single-player RPG. Which means, it will be available for you to play on Saturday, the 25th of May!”

The team behind Space Misfits began development back in January. The game itself has a cyberpunk retro theme to help set it apart from other “dark and murky space games”.

Space Misfits is part of Enjin’s initiative called ‘Spark’, which is an early adopters program. Commenting on joining the Spark initiative, the team said: “We immediately went into full beast mode and completely changed our game. It went from a League of Legends copycat to a first-of-its-kind blockchain space MMO.”

To join the Spark initiative, game development studios need to successfully integrate blockchain into their games – something which Space Misfits did in just 14 hours.

“Once Enjin saw our demo, they were very impressed with our gameplay and tenacity as game developers – they approved us for the Spark program and gave us access to the Mainnet development platform within hours.”

The team then spent the next week converting Space Misfits into a single-player RPG in a bid to release it to the community as soon as possible.

“We also wanted to do something that no other game had done before – launch a fully playable open-world game with blockchain-economy integration,” the announcement reads.

The launch of the single-player alpha version called ‘Space Misfits RUSH’ will take place on Saturday May 25.

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