Spectral Financial launches regulatory compliance services

Fintech start-up Spectral Financial aims to offer transactional safety and improved compliance across the cryptocurrency industry

Fintech start-up Spectral Financial has announced the launch of its new business with the aim to provide transactional safety and regulatory compliance services to institutional clients, according to a press release shared with Coin Rivet.

Spectral Financial has created unique solutions to simplify compliance processes within the cryptocurrency space, ensuring adherence to current and perceived future regulations. The company’s solutions will help to drive legitimacy and broader adoption of cryptocurrencies, as risk becomes greatly reduced through the services available.

Combining 30 years of expertise and experience working on regulatory compliance, AML, and KYC for a number of top-tier financial and government institutions, Spectral Financial aims to rid the cryptocurrency space of its reputation for being a “smuggler’s den”.

Unique solutions

Spectral Data Services

Spectral Data Services powers all core data and analytical services across the entire product suite. Consolidated data and AI-driven processes are used for threat analysis and to drive overall insights.

Spectral Compliance Services

This is a business process outsourcing service line. This people-based service is centered on a compliance management system that coordinates all resources.

Spectral Shield

Spectral Shield has been created to reduce the risks involved in peer-to-peer and OTC transactions. It is available as a built-in element with other services but is also available as an independent service for those who want to compliment their own digital wallet.

Spectral Wallet

This digital wallet has a focus on regulatory compliance and consumer protection. Anyone who uses this wallet will have to be verified by Spectral Compliance Services.


With the launch of the business, Spectral Financial will aim to offer transactional safety and improved compliance across the cryptocurrency industry. The company’s complete service offering is easy for investors and individuals to use.

It currently supports over 25 digital currency technologies, but this will increase as the company begins to scale.

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