Splinterlands completes Chaos Legion presale of a million packs

Card game has ranked as the most-played blockchain game four months running

Splinterlands has completed phase one of its Chaos Legion presale of a million packs, worth roughly $20m.

The blockchain-based collectible card game enables users to trade NFT based cards, battle thousands of other players as well as earn the game’s native currency known as ‘Dark Energy Crystals’.

Its Chaos Legion pack sale consists of three phases, with phase one selling out in a hugely successful presale for the project.

Alongside the packs, a voucher airdrop system was also introduced to allow each player the opportunity to earn vouchers that can be used to open packs.

The game has built a significant following with 800,000 registered accounts, and was the top blockchain game by users in the span of 24 hours on November 30, ahead of the likes of Axie Infinity and Alien Worlds, according to DappRadar.

Splinterlands was hovering at a daily user base of 90k players in August and now sits at 457k, according to DappRadar.

Phase 2 of the blockchain game’s Chaos Legion pack sale consists of two million packs. It starts on December 8 and ends on January 12 2022.

It’s then a quick turnaround for the general sale of 12m packs that begins on January 17 2022.

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