Square Crypto hires former Google director

In a recent announcement, Square Crypto said it hopes the company's first hire "can live up to his commitment to decentralisation"

Square Crypto, the crypto-focused arm of the Jack Dorsey-led payments company Square, has announced it has hired ex-Google director Steve Lee.

Lee previously spearheaded product management for mobile applications, Google Maps, and Google’s location platform while employed with the tech titan. He was also one of the co-founders of the Google Glass project.

The Square Crypto initiative was first announced in March 2019, with the team hoping to expand the nascent Bitcoin and crypto ecosystem separate from Square’s own business interests in the market. The parent company Square, led by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, enables the buying and selling of Bitcoin via its Cash app platform.

Earlier this year, Coin Rivet reported that sales of Bitcoin have been on the rise on Square’s Cash app, with revenue increasing every quarter in 2018 from $33 million in Q1 to above $50 million in Q4.

Committed to decentralisation

In the announcement, Crypto Square said that it hopes that Lee “can live up to his commitment to decentralisation”. His exact role within the company is yet to be confirmed.

Speaking on his own Twitter account, the angel investor said: “Bitcoin, not blockchain. Very excited about this opportunity!”

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