Start-ups get a break from blockchain AI pioneer

New businesses in China's Pearl River Delta region will get to use hi-tech offices as SingularityNET offers up a mentoring and financial package

Leading blockchain artificial intelligence (AI) pioneer SingularityNET is launching a mentoring and support package for start-ups in the industry.

The Hong Kong-based company’s ‘X-Lab Blockchain AI Start-up Accelerator’ aims to foster and support promising entrepreneurial teams specialising in the development and application of “cutting-edge technologies at the intersection of AI and blockchain”.

Using its own decentralised platform, the scheme developed by CEO Dr Ben Goertzel will deliver management, guidance, insights into scaling up, and financial backing via AGI tokens.

Start-ups in China’s Pearl River Delta region will be offered office space and on-the-ground support in SingularityNET’s Hong Kong headquarters, although SingularityNET chiefs stress that the program is global in scope and not restricted to regional start-ups.

Teams located elsewhere will have the option to visit SingularityNET’s Hong Kong office for up to three months as they look to build up their projects to scale on the SingularityNET platform and leverage SingularityNET’s connections in the Greater China ecosystem.

According to a SingularityNET spokesman, the establishment of the accelerator “aims to foster a broader AI ecosystem and develop an environment where creative ideas can be assessed and supported both in terms of management expertise and financial backing”.

They added: “SingularityNET aims to expand its market share in terms of the type of AI services that are being deployed and build a broader community that is willing to support AI entrepreneurs through the considerable commercial, logistical, and managerial challenges their ideas will face.”

Companies and entrepreneurs wishing to take part in the SingularityNET X-Lab Acceleration program can apply by filling out this form.

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