Steve Aoki and Todd McFarlane launch NFT marketplace

The award-winning DJ partnered up with the comic book creator to launch the platform that will run on Solana's Metaplex

The launch of ‘Oddkey’ – an NFT marketplace – has been announced by founders Steve Aoki and Todd McFarlane.

Aoki, a Grammy-nominated DJ, said he partnered with McFarlane, a prominent comic book creator, to ’empower creators to showcase and sell authenticated digital art’.

The ‘Oddkey’ marketplace will run off Metaplex – a Solana-based protocol that enables the creation, buying, and auctioning of NFTs.

Aoki explained his motivation for creating the platform and what it means for young creators of music and art.

“Something a lot of people ask is, ‘hey, what advice can you give to a young musician or artist to get their music to stand out?,” Aoki said.

“That’s the whole point of building this marketplace. Artists can now fit in Todd McFarlane and Steve Aoki’s world.

“Here’s a place for you to actually communicate with other artists and creators.”

McFarlane, who was the artist responsible for The Amazing Spider-Man comic book, will be auctioning off original artwork from his comic book, Spawn.

In an interview with Blockworks, McFarlane discussed the point he believes he and Aoki can count their venture a success.

“Steve and I are in total agreement that we know we will have succeeded when we become irrelevant to our [marketplace.],” McFarlane said.

“There’s going to be so much talent. There will be so many other artists, they’ll go ‘yeah, Steve had a nice run. Todd had a nice run’, but they’re the old guys, right?”

Aoki has been a consistent feature in the NFT world, whether it be purchasing a Cool Cat NFT, or co-founding his own marketplace, Aoki said the world was already moving towards a digital future.

“There’s no doubt that we are moving towards a digital economy. We are going from cash to cashless. Less and less people want [the] physical,” Aoki admitted.





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