Steve Wozniak: Bitcoin is pure digital gold

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak buys into Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s premise that Bitcoin will be the world’s only digital currency by 2028.

“Only Bitcoin is pure digital gold… and I totally buy into that. All the others tend to give up some of the aspects of Bitcoin. For example, being totally decentralized and having no central control. That’s the first one they have to give up to try to have a business model,” he says in an interview with CNBC. “I buy into what Jack Dorsey says, not that I necessarily because I believe it’s going to happen, but because I want it to be that way.”

Wozniak explains that, “Bitcoin is mathematically defined, there is a certain quantity of Bitcoin, there’s a way it’s distributed… and it’s pure and there’s no human running, there’s no company running and it’s just… growing and growing… and surviving, that to me says something that is natural.”

And when asked if he sees Apple and other top tech firms getting more involved in fianancial services, he comments: “Google and Apple and many others you know absolutely want to find any way that they can extend their prowess, their monopolies into other markets even and that includes becoming a bank rather than just a service centre for banks.”

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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