Steve Wozniak launches his own token as he praises the potential of Bitcoin

Apple co-founder applauded the 'mathematical genius' of Bitcoin as digital gold while unveiling the $WOZX

Speaking at Talent Land Jalisco 2021, multi-millionaire American philanthropist and entrepreneur Steve Wozniak has become the latest prominent figure to throw his weight behind Bitcoin.

In an interview with El Sol de Mexico (one of Latin America’s biggest media outlets), the tech visionary revealed that he believes in the future of BTC as a digital gold asset, labelling Bitcoin as a product of “mathematical genius”.

Wozniak’s support for Bitcoin comes at a time of rising inflation rates due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and follows many institutional moves into cryptocurrency as a hedge on the debasement of the USD.

The Apple Co-Founder highlighted the promise of Bitcoin over other traditional inflation hedges such as precious metals suggesting that, unlike BTC, “gold is limited and you have to look for it”.

This comes at a time when understanding of BTC as a secure means of protecting savings is entering the mainstream, with calls for Americans to hold BTC for retirement from Senator Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming – Republican).

Bitcoin is digital gold

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time Wozniak has marvelled at the wonders of Bitcoin. In an interview in 2018 he argued: “Man makes up currencies, controls them, issues new US dollars every year; Bitcoin is immune to that.”

And in another interview with CNBC he said “only Bitcoin is pure digital gold… and I totally buy into that”.

However, when asked about whether he personally invested in BTC he revealed “I do not invest in Bitcoin, but I believe in it for the future”.

In 2019, Wozniak reportedly sold all of his Bitcoin holdings (bought at $700 per BTC) amid a turbulent and volatile long-winter for the asset.

Speaking at the Nordic Business Forum, Wozniak said: “I wanted to experiment with it…when it shot up high, I said I don’t want to be one of those people who watches and watches it and cares about the number. I don’t want that kind of care in my life. Part of my happiness is not to have worries, so I sold it all and just got rid of it.”

$WOZX – Wozniak’s latest genius?

While Wozniak might not personally hold BTC, this doesn’t mean that he isn’t a proponent, user, and visionary in the cryptocurrency space.

The entrepreneur first teased the press with vague comments surrounding a blockchain project in 2018.

Last year, he revealed the launch of his first new business since Apple in 1976 – Efforce – a new online platform empowered by blockchain technology that allows contributors to benefit from and trade the energy savings generated by energy efficiency projects worldwide in a tokenised fashion with $WOZX.

Climate financing has been specifically highlighted as a key role blockchain can play in fighting climate change, in a recent report by the UN.

According to Wozniak, energy consumption and CO2 emissions worldwide have grown exponentially, leading to climate change and extreme consequences to the environment.

“We can improve our energy footprint and lower our energy consumption without changing our habits,” he explained.

“We can save the environment simply by making more energy improvements.”

Following Wozniak’s crypto project announcement and the launch of the token in December, some on Twitter rushed to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao to request his exchange list the new $WOZX token.

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