STOs are here to stay and they are brilliant, Nick Ayton

STOs will go down in history as an important innovation, helping smaller and or illiquid companies unable to afford or meet the criteria of a more expensive IPO. And whilst not fully demarcating capital, they make it fairer, more transparent and accessible, he argues

Anyone who thinks an STO is a continuation of “the ICO madness” is both a danger to themselves and to the crypto capital markets movement, according to Founder and CEO Chainstarter Group, Nick Ayton.

In a Medium post, he says: “Security tokens are not only unrelated to ICOs they are a digitisation of what is already exists. A faster more up-to-date of capital markets without the hangers on, layers of useless intermediaries that add no value. Security tokens are a manifestation of commercial rules and terms in software code, a digital financial instrument recorded as shares, bonds and asset based instruments. But this is when blockchain works against you. These instruments are then able to be traded peer-to-peer, where the big issues begin for our community building new crypto capital markets infrastructure.”

Ayton notes that many private and smaller public companies, listed on less liquid smaller exchanges, are now turning to the STO process for capital raising. “They find it easier and traditional capital markets doesn’t work for them, controlled and engineered by the kleptocrats of Wall Street and the very dangerous FED, that has done a great job destroying the value of everything we own.”

Power to the people

Late last year, Ayton claimed that Wall Street had stolen Bitcoin from the people out of fear and greed.

In a no holds barred Medium post, he argued that the investment banks were behind the massive drop in the cryptocurrency market cap in a concerted effort to buy the dip. We will then witness the pumping of prices “because they can and they will”.

He commented: “We have witnessed a systematic approach supported by broadcasters who are close friends of the banks , CNN, CNBC, and the new crypto press Coindesk and Cointelegraph, that sold out for profit rather than defend the crypto economy on which they were founded, to spread good news and encourage adoption, decided to propagate the fear on behalf of Satan, as greed once again took over from libertarian motives.”

Ayton concluded that Bitcoin was now firmly on the institutional radar as a separate asset class. But it won’t go to zero as the banks now they have their teeth into the market. “Will BTC continue to pump in 2019 is not the question. The real question is when the next Bitcoin bulls will emerge and this is once again linked to geo politics, what the bankers will do and the fall out from the next recession which arrived, although the central banks refuse to call this.”

“Watch out for the next set of Wall Street CEOs and luminaries talking Bitcoin up from a position months earlier of decrying it, as this will be a sure sign something is about to happen, especially new entrants offering ETF, crypto custody and other services,” he warned.

Check out the full Medium post here.

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