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Sweat Economy Stretches into NFTs through Few and Far Partnership

Los Angeles, United States, 29th September, 2022, Chainwire

Sweat Economy, a London-based tech company on a mission to inspire a healthier planet by incentivizing people to move more through crypto, has partnered with Few and Far to launch its first-ever NFTs – laying the groundwork for a new incentive structure for move-to-earn.

What is Sweat Economy?

Sweat Economy is an ecosystem of Web2 (Sweatcoin) and Web3 (Sweat Wallet) products with over 120M users. Sweatcoin is the most downloaded Health & Fitness app of 2022, while the Sweat Wallet was the most used DApp in the world in its first week of launch. Sweat Economy is a vision to create a unit of value out of movement with SWEAT, a new cryptocurrency, which can help power an open economy of movement.

How will the NFTs work?
Created on the app Few and Far, a next-generation NFT marketplace built on NEAR, the exclusive collection of 10,000 scarce NFTs will only be available in the Sweat Wallet NFT Gallery – with a prize draw to users who pass the required SWEAT staking threshold. Winners of the reward will receive 1 NFT, and 5 lucky winners will also win a reward of $300 worth of $FAR, Few and Far’s native platform token. 

“We’re excited to partner with Few and Far to further the integration of digital assets and crypto collectibles into our Sweat Wallet. It adds a new dimension to our rewards program – allowing users to easily, and with no risk, acquire a unique collectible NFT,” says Sarim Rahim, Project Lead at Sweat Economy.

Over the course of the week, the newly launched Sweat Wallet app reached the No.1 Finance app spot in 51 countries and was a top 5 Finance app in 115 countries (plus the most downloaded app across all categories in 8 countries). The NFT Gallery in the Sweat Wallet will allow users to bring their favorite NFTs to the wallet – and this collaboration with Few and Far is the very first NFT made available on the platform.

The Future of NFTs on Sweat Economy
2 million Sweat Wallet users have already seen the Few and Far NFT offering, and 200k have applied for the reward. This marks a new era of opportunity for NFT marketplaces – something the Sweat Wallet is designed to leverage. Very soon, the Sweat Wallet will introduce its own NFTs used to play an in-app game.

To enter the reward prize draw, download the Sweat Wallet on Apple or Google Play now. 


Head of Business Development

  • JT Huskins
  • Few and Far

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