Tallycoin adds subscriptions and paywall content features in bid to rival Patreon

The crypto-based Patreon competitor Tallycoin has added a host of new features to its expanding platform.

Some of the new features from this no-fee platform include the ability to add discounted subscription models to a profile and the ability to create content that is hidden behind a paywall.

Examples of current offerings include this post called “Anarchy in money“, which can be unlocked for $1 in BTC or practically zero Lightning fees.

The platform is growing following recent censorship and ‘de-platforming’ accusations against the largest player in this space – Patreon.

Today, Patreon has over 1 million active subscribers and has paid out over $350 million to creators on its platform since its inception in May 2013.

Patreon gives 90% of the donations made by users directly to content creators, but will it be able to compete with this no-fee and fully custodial Bitcoin-based service?

400th user

The Tallycoin project has been growing steadily and recently welcomed its 400th registered user. The project was started in mid-2018 after a conversation between the project’s sole developer DJ Booth 007 and the YouTube crypto content creator Madbitcoins.

The platform includes crypto-based payment functionality for three major use cases: project fundraising, donations, and a marketplace for freelance services. At the moment, the platform is only useable through a connected Twitter account, but DJ Booth plans to add additional sign-up options in 2019.

It’s still early days, but with an ever-growing feature list, this no-fee Patreon alternative has the potential to really make a dent in the multi-billion dollar industry of paying for exclusivity of the content you consume (or value) online.


Nawaz Sulemanji: Nawaz has been hooked on crypto since buying his first Bitcoin’s in 2013. After studying maths in London, Nawaz initially spent the first eight years of his career working globally across corporate supply chain’s before transitioning into the decentralised finance industry as a margin-trader and consultant. He’s a fan of open-blockchains because “it enables self-sovereignty”.
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