Tether Gold now available on Celsius Network

Tether Gold has taken another huge step to being mass adopted after it announced that it was being put on the Celsius Network for users to earn interest

Bitfinex product Tether Gold is now available on the Celsius Network, a platform that enables users to earn interest via staking.

Tether Gold is a digital asset that provides ownership of physical gold securely stored in Switzerland, with it being the largest gold-backed stablecoin at a market cap of $84 million.

Celsius, meanwhile, offers its clients cryptocurrency lending, borrowing and payment services, which has now been bolstered by the addition of Tether Gold.

Tether Gold’s addition to Celsius’s market-leading platform is a great endorsement of Tether Gold, and will enable our growing customer base to earn interest on their holdings from Celsius,” said Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Tether. “In these times of economic uncertainty and seemingly endless quantitative easing, we are seeing growing demand for Tether Gold. We anticipate a ready appetite for holding Tether Gold on such a rewarding and innovative platform.”

Users will now be able to earn up to three percent APY from Tether Gold holdings in the Celsius Network, demonstrating another benefit that could drive mass adoption of digital assets, especially in light of economic turmoil on a global scale.

The price of Gold has remained relatively stable over the past six weeks despite stock markets suffering a correction with it now trading above $1,700 per ounce, which is a seven-year high.

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