The Abyss platform has announced ABYSS token support campaign

With its minimum viable product and desktop app launched, The Abyss is now looking toward ABYSS token support campaign

The Abyss has announced the launch of its token support campaign following the release of its minimum viable product and desktop app.

The Abyss is a gaming platform with versatile social features designed to be a one-stop shop for ‘massively multiplayer online’ (MMO) games. It is similar to Steam which is one of the largest games distribution platforms, except its focus is specifically on MMO games.

The platform features a 5-tier referral program where users can get free Abyss tokens – a platform specific digital currency – which are exchangeable with fiat. ABYSS tokens can be used to purchase new games as well as in-game items.

It announced the news in a Medium blog post, detailing how the launch of the minimum viable product (MVP) and desktop app are “the greatest moments” for the project.

Now it will be kick-starting its latest initiative to support the Abyss token. By purchasing any game on The Abyss platform, users can save 50% off the initial price in ABYSS tokens only.

To add further incentive, users who partake in the initiative will receive 20% off all in-game purchases using the ABYSS token.

The offer applies to any game currently available on the platform, as well as subsequent games which are yet to be released.

To acquire ABYSS tokens, users can join the referral program which requires them to register with The Abyss or sign in before finding and sharing the referral link to other people. They will then receive ABYSS tokens from each transaction made by their referrals.

Alternatively, ABYSS tokens can be obtained using a credit or debit card at a support service such as Changelly, ChangeNow or ChangeHero. The token is also listed on certain exchanges.

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