The Abyss Unreal Engine developer programme is live

The Abyss has announced its Unreal Engine 4 developer programme, where developers can submit applications to gain favourable licensing terms

The Abyss has announced the launch of its new Unreal Engine 4 developer programme, where developers can submit applications to gain favourable Unreal licensing terms.

The Abyss is a digital games distribution platform that focuses on massively multiplayer online (MMO) games and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). One such game that will be distributed on the platform is Age of Rust.

Fundamentally, The Abyss is not too dissimilar from the increasingly popular Steam platform, which distributes mainstream game titles to mass audiences.

The platform boasts a tiered referral program of five levels in which users can earn free ABYSS tokens – a platform-specific digital currency – which can also be converted into fiat currency.

The announcement reads: “Just recently, The Abyss digital distribution platform for MMO/MMORPG games announced the launch of ‘The Abyss Unreal Engine programme’ for indie game developers publishing their games on the platform.”

As per the announcement, developers building games using Unreal Engine 4 – or bringing their already existing Unreal Engine 4 game projects to The Abyss – will get access to favourable licensing terms for the Unreal software.

Additionally, they will receive technical and marketing support from The Abyss as well as extra traffic to drive their games forward.

Developers who wish to join the initiative and start creating projects using the newly available engine are implored to submit their application on The Abyss Unreal Engine programme landing page.

The team at The Abyss have already begun reviewing the first set of applications.

Interested in reading more stories relating to The Abyss? Catch up on the ABYSS token support campaign which went live following the launch of its minimum viable product and desktop application.


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