The blockchain/crypto week in quotes

Here are the comments and tweets that caught our eye this week


“While lower prices are still possible, Bitcoin’s fundamentals are gaining momentum. Embraced by Millennials, its ecosystem is developing at rapid clip, both as a decentralised bottom-up disruptive technology, and as an uncorrelated, highly liquid financial asset for institutional portfolios around the world.” Adamant Capital

“Blockchain will become critical for financial institutions aiming to improve their bottomline. We anticipate that banks stand to save close to $27 billion a year by 2030 through blockchain implementation.” Juniper Research

“The argument here is that Bitcoin has gone through its bubble phase and is ready to rise phoenix-like from the ashes just as other assets and indices did in the past…We’re struck by how long it took other asset bubbles to recover their peak levels (as long as 22 years for the Dow Jones Industrials) and how pedestrian the annualised returns from trough to the recovery often are. Maybe crypto bull contingents should consider what happens after the bubble, not every bubble that bursts recovers the old highs.” Kevin Dennean, tech analyst, UBS

“It is very promising to see that blockchain-based shares for the FinTech company 20|30 have been accepted on the London Stock Exchange. While the tokenisation of assets is nothing new, it is significant that one of the financial sector’s most important players is now embracing blockchain technology. This mirrors actions from some of the biggest financial firms, such as JP Morgan, who have looked at blockchain technology and its potential with greater interest over the last year.

The blockchain provides organisations with the ability for fast, decentralised transfers which are recorded in an immutable ledger. The transparency and security provided by this technology makes it an obvious choice for distributing shares and represents a viable evolution on modern trading.

While this announcement breaks new ground for blockchain technology in a traditional financial institution, it is certainly not going to be the last time we see tokenised assets or shares on other regulated trading platforms.” Luke Saunders, Head of Digital Advisory and CTO, AmaZix 

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