The Graph’s beta integration with Aurora chain goes live

Beta integration enables developers to index Aurora chain data and create subgraphs that can be used to power web3 applications

The Graph, the indexing and query layer of web3, has announced the launch of its beta-hosted service integration with Aurora – a project that allows Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) contracts to run on the NEAR blockchain.

The beta integration enables developers to index Aurora chain data and create subgraphs, or open APIs, that can be used to power a vast variety of web3 applications on the Aurora network.

Alex Shevchenko, co-founder and CEO of Aurora said that “integrating with The Graph unlocks enormous pools of data that developers can now leverage to build everything from decentralised exchanges to community-powered DAOs and social networks”.

“We’ve seen this happen on Ethereum and believe it will bring many new developers into the NEAR ecosystem as well,” he added.

“By making blockchain data a public utility, the launch of this beta integration will play a key role in how quickly the Aurora and NEAR ecosystems can scale.”

NEAR Protocol, a proof-of-stake layer-1 blockchain, currently has nearly $200m total value locked across its DeFi projects.

The NEAR network also recently announced the launch of $800m ecosystem funding initiatives for projects focused on NFTs, DAOs, gaming, and beyond.

Graph enables faster and easier access to data

Tegan Kline, co-founder of Edge & Node said Aurora will bring many new dApps into its ecosystem that will require the ability to query native and third-party blockchain data.

“By making data querying simple and accessible, The Graph is able to accelerate the development of versatile data tools that can be easily accessed and customised for a host of use cases,” he said.

Subgraphs powered by The Graph are open source, and anyone can query subgraphs for specific information or create subgraphs that serve unique purposes.

For example, subgraphs can power financial applications by relaying asset prices, exchange rates and transaction details the same way they can power the ability to search through collections and metadata of NFT marketplaces or track the voting and governance activity of DAOs.

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