The Litecoin Foundation is looking to bring ‘one-click’ atomic swaps to the Lightning Network

The Litecoin Foundation has just announced a partnership with the developers at X9 to bring about further advancements for the Lightning Network

The Litecoin Foundation has just announced a new partnership with X9 that they hope will bring ‘one-click’ atomic swap capability to the Lightning Network.

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open-source software project, and they are one of the most popular tokens on the market. Meanwhile, X9 is aiming to be one of the leading developers in the space of blockchain and decentralisation. The move will see the Litecoin Foundation and X9 working to improve the maintenance, debugging, and hardening of LTCD as well as potentially developing other Lightning Network technologies. LTCD in this instance refers to an alternative full node implementation for Litecoin.

The announcement states that X9 are a “blockchain-agnostic development team whose founders are the core developers and are fully funded by Stakenet.”

The partnership also aims to provide support for Neutrino, which is a Lightning Network support client. Furthermore, the Litecoin Foundation believes this to be “an important first step in making Lightning Network application development easier as a full node will no longer require to run a Lightning Network wallet or application for LND protocol implementations.”

More cross-chain atomic swaps

The developers at X9 have already implemented a Beta version of the project, which incorporates cross-chain atomic swaps on the Lightning Network. Their current focus is to “improve the user experience of the Lightning Network” to develop a “one-click” solution for Lightning Network atomic swaps.

Coin Rivet recently brought you the story of the world’s first Lightning to ERC-20 atomic swap performed by the team at CoBloX.

Coin Rivet also recently reported on the Lightning Network’s massive spike in network capacity. All of these developments and activity around the Lightning Network seem to be creating a lot of community buzz for this pivotal two-layer scaling solution.

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