The megaphone of Bitcoin SV

Not a day goes by without Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre chirping about Bitcoin SV, but should we listen?

Twitter poll results time folks! Yesterday, we asked you whether we should listen to the voices of Craig Wright and his partner Calvin Ayre or whether we should just ignore them. They are, of course, the brains behind Bitcoin SV. The results suggest that the majority of you think we should ignore them, whilst the idea that they make sound arguments tied with the idea that we should see what they say and laugh for our own entertainment.

How did we get to Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin SV recently split from Bitcoin Cash, as reported by Coin Rivet. Bitcoin Cash itself split from Bitcoin, so Bitcoin SV is a fork of a fork. Confusing right? For many in the original BTC community, Craig Wright had already been shunned for his failure to prove he was Satoshi Nakamoto, amongst many other reasons. When Bitcoin Cash completed their initial fork, they welcomed Craig Wright into the fold. They needed all the help they could get.

In March 2018, the crew of Bitcoin Cash held a conference aptly titled Satoshi’s Vision. There, Craig Wright was given centre stage to discuss the benefits of Bitcoin Cash. Unfortunately for Bitcoin Cash, things soon turned sour, and that conference title became the title of the coin Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre now control.

One of the many faults of the cryptocurrency space is that there is a hell of a lot of noise that needs drowning out. Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre create some of the loudest noise. Like a cornered bear, the more they are fearful of survival, the louder they shout. Though, as the poll shows, many people are of the opinion that there isn’t a lot of substance to what they scream about. And those people would be right to think that.

Ignoring loud voices can be difficult. However, ignoring them totally doesn’t necessarily help. Having their ideas in the open so that they can be criticised can help everyone in the future to see what ideas not to follow. One day, Bitcoin SV will most likely fade into insignificance. Until then, let’s take what they say with a grain of salt and enjoy the ride.

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