The Six Dragons to distribute Multiverse Founder’s Tokens (MFT) and Special Founder’s Tokens (SFT)

The Six Dragons, a blockchain-based roleplaying game, has announced it will be distributing Special Founder's Tokens (SFT) in the future

Blockchain and Enjin-powered game, The Six Dragons, will be distributing Multiverse Founder’s Tokens (MFT) and Special Founder’s Tokens (SFT) which will have unique usability inside of the game.

The announcement was made in a Medium blog post by the creator of The Six Dragons.

It details how the vision for The Six Dragons is to become one of the best PC/console games which implements the Enjin platform — “the leading blockchain gaming platform available today”.

It continues to reveal “the Founder’s Tokens are not simply game items for us, they’re a symbol for our first true supporters, and we want to make sure the future rewards will end up at the right place”.

On this basis, the Multiverse Founder’s Tokens (MFT) will not be sold directly and will be free, given through selected giveaways, competitions and other events — which will occur closer to the game’s release.

The announcement states that more information on the Special Founder’s Tokens (SFT) will be revealed at a later date.

It does note that it will not be “easy” to obtain an MFT but it is the only way for the developers to give the community a fair chance of grabbing one while still offering true benefits to the founder token holders.

More information is expected to follow soon relating to the details of each token and the benefits of each one — including in-game airdrops, early access to the game and an active role in the development of the game. Users could also get the chance of “drastically” improving the value of in-game items.

Recently Savvas L., the developer behind The Six Dragons, uploaded a YouTube video showcasing new gameplay as well revealing that the Founder’s Tokens will have “unique usability” in the game.

The first batch of tokens will be given out during a giveaway event in The Six Dragon’s Telegram channel.

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