The time is now for Everipedia to take on Wikipedia

It is on a mission to “modernise, consolidate, and decentralise governance of the online encyclopedia” by allowing more editorial decision making in the editing process while also allowing for a wider breadth and scope of content from traditional rivals

Everipedia, a rival to Wikipedia, has gone live, boasting over six million articles.

The venture taps blockchain technology to reward users with cryptocurrency. Users curate and submit content to its database (the Everipedia Network) and get rewarded in the form of IQ tokens.

Doing to Wikipedia what Wikipedia did to Britannica

It is pitched as the largest English online encyclopedia; yep, even bigger than Wikipedia. The concept originated in December 2014 and launched in 2015. It was founded by Sam Kazemian​, Theodor ForseliusMahbod Moghadam​, and Travis Moore​. Kazemian serves as President​, Forselius is CEO​, Moghadam CCO and Moore CTO. Larry Sanger​, the Co-founder of Wikipedia, joined the company as CIO in December 2017.

They started the company with a mission to build a more modern version of Wikipedia, inspired by Y Combinator Co-founder Paul Graham’s blog post published in 2008, entitled Startup Ideas We’d Like to Fund.

“Deletionists rule Wikipedia. Ironically, they’re constrained by print-era thinking. What harm does it do if an online reference has a long tail of articles that are only interesting to a few people, so long as everyone can still find whatever they’re looking for? There is room to do to Wikipedia what Wikipedia did to Britannica,” he wrote.

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