Theta Labs launches NFTs to honor Samsung Galaxy S22 and Tab S8

Users will receive an unopened NFT container that later unlocks a unique generative art NFT

Theta Network has announced it is offering NFTs digital collectibles to commemorate the launch of Samsung’s new flagship device models, the Galaxy S22 and Tablet S8.

Customers who have pre-booked and pre-ordered in South Korea will receive their own unique commemorative NFT through their new device after the pre-order period finishes.

Customers will be able to claim their free NFTs by registering on ThetaDrop, Theta network’s NFT marketplace, using the unique code they received through their “Samsung Members” app after verification.

During the claim period, each customer will receive an unopened NFT container, and after this period ends, they can be opened to unlock the unique generative art NFT created out of random art elements computer generated.

Mitch Liu, co-founder and CEO of Theta Labs, said NFT collaboration with Samsung Electronics “truly exemplifies global adoption of Theta’s blockchain technology and marks an important milestone in the growth of our core blockchain purpose built for the video, media and entertainment industry”.

“These NFTs provide unique customer benefits for pre-ordering Samsung’s flagship mobile devices, the first in the industry,” he added.

“We plan to provide ongoing membership benefits and privileges to Galaxy customers who own a Samsung Theta commemorative NFT and look forward to building a long-term community among members.”

ThetaDrop, is powered by the Theta protocol and a native blockchain that was purposefully built for media and entertainment.

The cost of minting NFTs and gas fees are lower on the Theta network and transaction times are said to be around 100 times faster than on Ethereum.

More importantly, the Theta protocol is built from the ground up on a proof-of-stake (POS) model and therefore uses a fraction of the electricity and resources making it greener, and environmentally friendlier than other alternatives.

With the launch of the Theta Mainnet 3.0 protocol upgrade last year, Theta’s distributed network of more than 100,000 global community-run edge nodes continues to grow rapidly.

In the future, Theta edge nodes will support decentralised NFT storage enabling users to truly own and take custody of their NFTs, and not depend on any centralised platform.

Cross-chain bridges between Theta network, Ethereum and other blockchains will enable seamless NFT transfer across other Ethereum-based marketplaces.

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