Three Ethereum Subreddits you should start following

Ethereum Reddit groups, otherwise known as subreddits, are an excellent place to find out more info and updates on the world's number one altcoin

When it comes to finding out more about Ethereum, Reddit can offer plenty of resources. Everyone’s journey into the crypto space is different. Some people may get interested after speaking to a friend, others read an article and it resonates with them, others still may be developers or companies looking to build an application. In the same vein, the Ethereum Reddit group that’s right for you depends on what you’re looking to know.

Awareness about cryptocurrency is rising all the time, despite the bearish market conditions. According to a survey by Blockchain Capital, at least 20% of young adults in the US now own Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are more popular among young adults (18-34) than stocks and shares, in fact.

So if you want to expand your knowledge beyond Bitcoin to Ethereum, you should turn to one of the community’s best resources: Reddit.

Ethereum Reddit groups are called subreddits

You may already be entirely familiar with the Reddit social media platform. It’s one of the cryptocurrency community’s preferred ways of communicating, along with Telegram and GitHub (for developers).

If you’re as new to Reddit as you are to Ethereum, one of the first things to know is that the Reddit groups that you can join are called subreddits.

While anyone can join an Ethereum subreddit, you should definitely read the pinned thread about the group to find out what you can expect from it.

For example, if you want to know about Ethereum trading and price predictions, chances are, there is a more specialist group for you.

If you want to talk about developing a Dapp, you probably won’t benefit much from a group with articles and content explaining what Ethereum is at a beginner level.

So, keeping in mind your ultimate goal, whether it’s increasing your education or getting advice on learning Solidity, here are three Ethereum subreddits you should consider following.

1. r/ethereum

r/ethereum is, without doubt, the largest Ethereum Reddit community out there, with over 435k members as of April 2019. It’s one of the most active Ethereum groups of any social media platform and there are frequent discussions, news, and debates.

While the general nature of this group may turn developers away at first, there are actually plenty of technical discussions on this subreddit as well.

The point of the group is to keep the community updated with the latest Ethereum news. Members can find comments, information, and interviews with key players such as Vitalk Buterin, Ethereum’s number one.

You can also expect to find back and forth opinions on Etheruem’s scalability issues and solutions from zkSNARKS to Plasma.

Still, the main advantage of this group is that it’s a great place to learn more about Ethereum. You can get an overview of what it is, how to buy it, the best wallets to use, and how to keep it safe.

In the group’s pinned message, you’ll get a good overview of what it is about. The group specifically states that all market talk should take place on a different Ethereum Reddit group (r/ethtrader) and that mining talk should occur in a different group as well.

2. r/ethermining

As the name suggests, /r/ethermining is specific to those who mine or want to find out more about mining Ethereum. On its main post it says:

This thread is meant to encourage the discussion of long-standing issues and relevant discussions to Ethereum mining.

Here, miners can express their concerns about mining economics, the current state of the “difficulty bomb”, any changes coming up, and the ongoing talk about the Ethereum move from the Proof of Work consensus to Proof of Stake.

3. r/ethtrader

With 211k members, r/ethtrader is a highly active and engaged community of discussions and debates over Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. The chat sometimes get a little off-topic with tips on how to eat a better diet to stay healthy! However, this just goes to show the camaraderie between the Ethereum Reddit group members.

The main topics of discussion are anything that affects Ethereum and altcoin trading, from the latest news to market-related subjects, investing, and even posting memes.

The takeaway

There are plenty of community groups which you can join to find out more about Ethereum. Reddit is a good source. Rather like disappearing down a rabbit hole, the more you look for groups, the more likely you are to find the right one for you. From /r/EthereumNoobies to r/ethinvestor it’s an excellent way to further your Ethereum education.

If you’re not ready to dive into the world of Reddit yet, but still want to learn about Ethereum, you can download our definitive guide.

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