Through Spacebit, anybody can invest in and benefit from space missions

The blockchain startup has launched the world's first tokenised space industry venture capital fund. The space industry is estimated to be worth trillions of dollars in the near future, according to Goldman Sachs

UK-based Spacebit is making it possible for anyone to invest in and benefit from space programmes.

It has launched the world’s first-ever tokenised venture capital fund in the space industry, which is projected to be worth trillions of dollars in the short-term, according to a report by Goldman Sachs.

The fund will focus on early stage, space-related intellectual property-intensive companies for near earth and lunar applications. It will primarily invest in software and commercial applications relevant to satellite communications and data, mainly those that are blockchain-related.

The fund’s secondary investments will focus on enabling technologies, including propulsion, robotics and remote sensing, which are fundamental for the upcoming space missions.

A clear roadmap

“We have developed a clear roadmap for our future investments and a pipeline of space projects ready for execution and funding,” says Spacebit Fund Partner Pavlo Tanasyuk.

“The initial investment phase will concentrate on the European markets. We believe that the creation of Spacebit Capital will help harness the latest innovations in satellite data and communications technology and drive the next digital revolution.”

Spacebit will soon open up investment opportunities aimed at qualified investors. However, he states, “in the future, we hope to establish a hybrid model where any individual will be able to directly invest in large-scale space projects, which forms a key part our vision”.

What are Crypto Space Angels?

He also flags up Crypto Space Angels, which he says is “another step toward realising a greater mission for cryptocurrency and creating an ecosystem to enable mankind to venture further into space”.

He adds: “The purpose of Crypto Space Angels is to create a global network of cryptocurrency investors who want to make a difference and support development of the space industry”.

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