Top five cryptocurrency mobile apps of the year

No matter whether you are an iPhone or Android user, there are plenty of great mobile applications for your crypto needs

In the last couple of years, many prominent cryptocurrency projects were born, together with their useful mobile applications.

No matter whether you are an iPhone or Android user, whether you are a trader or a long-term investor, or if you are situated in the United States or Europe, there are plenty of crypto mobile applications for your needs.

Combining the power of the best cryptocurrency apps and the best crypto exchange is the safest way to succeed in this competitive market.

Top crypto apps for 2021…


Coinbase has developed functional mobile applications that allow its 68 million users across 100 countries worldwide to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, BAT, USDT, ZRX, and many more.

Plus, users can earn some free cryptocurrencies if they are willing to take some educational courses and even borrow up to $1m using their Bitcoin.


This mobile application separates your private key into two parts and distributes its storage.

The first part is stored on ZenGo’s servers, while the other one is kept on your phone.

A transaction is only signed and authorised when both parts of the private key interact.

There are no seeds or private keys to manage. The wallet can be fully recovered on any device, and there is no risk of losing funds to a lost password.


The BlockFi interest account pushes BlockFi to the list of the best crypto apps, and it is one of the best crypto savings accounts with the highest yields.

The annual percentage yield for dedicated crypto holdings goes as high as 5.0%.

The Tier 1 compounding interest varies between 3.25% and a stunning 9.5% on your cryptocurrency holdings.

A more conservative way of crypto investing by holding stable coins like USDC GUSD and PAX earns interests of 9.5% per year.


With eToro, you can trade more than 90 trading pairs quickly and with minimum effort.

Users can take advantage of one of the broker’s top competitive advantages – the opportunity to copy successful traders and clone their strategies and trading cryptocurrencies through eToro’s investment mobile application is free.

Blockchain is among the most popular cryptocurrency mobile applications, allowing its users to store, buy, and sell Bitcoin, altcoins and fiat currencies easily.

According to, the mobile app serves more than 31m verified users and, since its launch in 2011, it has processed in excess of $1tn in crypto transactions for users from some 200 countries.

Users can also take advantage of the built-in Bitcoin savings account (opportunity to earn interest of up to 12%) and crypto credit lines with Bitcoin as collateral.

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