Tourist hot spot Marbella launches native cryptocurrency

MarbellaCoin has been launched in the Spanish tourist hot spot of Marbella, with the cryptocurrency now available for use on the MarbellaChain

Spanish tourist hot spot Marbella is introducing its own cryptocurrency, with promotion underway by Marbella’s Blockchain Cultural Association.

The cryptocurrency will be launched on the MarbellaChain, which is described as “an open platform of smart governance destined to maximize the blockchain technology development, its relationship with cryptocurrencies, the smart contracts world, and the decentralized apps inside Smart Cities.”

The platform will host a series of dApps on the blockchain, some of which will be used to store data to work alongside smart contract mechanisms.

MarbellaCoin will be used as the “fuel” for the blockchain. It will also be utilised for paying the “computational resources needed to execute the decentralized applications and the Smart Contracts in this blockchain.”

The ultimate goal of the project is to help streamline processes for vendors, citizens, and tourists in Marbella. The smart contract technology will, eventually, work in tandem with Marbella’s vision of a “smart city,” which will “adapt new ways of decision making for local government,” as well as speed up the process for people wanting to obtain citizenship.

The implementation of a blockchain project in a popular tourist destination like Marbella is a fairly major step for the ecosystem. The adoption of tourist hubs will not only help drive knowledge of the blockchain, it will also demonstrate a key use case of how blockchain technology can integrate into people’s daily routine, potentially fast-tracking drawn-out processes like citizenship applications or government decisions.

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