Transient aiming to be ‘the Amazon of smart contracts’

Transient's CEO Beau Olson says the company's goal is to become the go-to marketplace for non-coders

Transient Network, a smart contract global marketplace, is striving to become a global leader as a dApp platform.

It’s ultimate ambition though, according to CEO Beau Olson, is to one day be seen as ‘the Amazon of smart contracts’.

Speaking with Coin Rivet, Olson outlined the company’s goal was to be the go-to marketplace for non-coders who want to utilise the power and advantages of blockchain technology – specifically smart contracts – but may not have the resources or expertise to do so.

He first explained how next-gen contracts were smart contracts created on the Transient Network facilitating terms and agreements in a simple, transparent and self-executing manner.

“TSC-Core, our first dApp utilising the Transient Network allows creation and facilitation of Next-Gen contracts for crypto-currency transactions that can be utilised for a variety of use cases: straight-forward payment services, real-estate agreements, asset-transfer agreements and crypto-token release,” Olson noted.

“With the velocity of new types of assets, such as the rise of NFTs, it is inevitable that smart contracts will be utilised to facilitate terms and agreements for this type of transaction and is only a matter of time before businesses start interacting with the blockchain.

“For TSC-Core as a starting point, the core target group and those utilising our platform already, are predominantly those in the crypto-industry who are currently receiving payment in the form of stablecoins (eg. USDT, USDC) for services provided.”

He commented this could be a security auditing company – all the way through to YouTube or Twitter influencers, and added that TSC-Core allows for a simple next-gen contract to be created and sent to the client.

“The client then simply completes the transaction within our dApp – no copy and pasting, no switching between tabs and no room for error – it’s that simple,” he said.

The ‘Amazon of smart contracts’

The company recently raised $1.2m via initial DEX offerings, and Olson described it as “being lucky enough to be able to partner with two incredible launchpads – Genesis Pool and Lemonade (part of the Jigstack family)”.

He also confirmed that, through this partnership, a strong momentum was created through community engagement, above-the-line marketing and leveraging existing partnerships to deliver a successful IDO, raising 100% of the target.

One of the goals, Olson said, was to become ‘Amazon of smart contracts’.

He explained that Amazon had clearly become synonymous with innovation and delivering superior experiences across all of their lines of business.

Transient, which recently launched its TSC-Core Mainnet, said its goal ws to build “the most prominent dApp marketplace utilised across any industry or facet of everyday life – leveraging our best-in-class UI and building on users’ familiarity with existing SaaS applications to deliver a superb experience”.

“With that said, our marketplace will continue to grow at pace, adding value to various industries and consumer use-cases and will become a place that users will navigate to when they need to utilise a dApp to carry out a specific task or transaction,” he continued.

“Transient’s marketplace gives accessibility to smart contracts to anyone, anywhere, anytime and with that, the ‘Amazon of Smart Contracts’ starts to ring true.”

More dApps coming

Olson also said the benefits we see with the utilisation of smart contracts in the crypto world is being enhanced every day.

“Each time a new dApp – or a version of existing dApps – is deployed the way smart contracts are being leveraged are being pushed to the boundaries.”

Regarding the future projects and plans, Transient seems to have plenty in the pipeline, and moving at pace.

Olson noted that all dApps on Transient’s marketplace will require the holding of TSCT to be utilised.

Among them are Transient’s second dApp CryptoPool (Q4 2021) – its answer to the gaming community eSports (Q1 2022) and dApp called TSC-NDA (Q1 2022) that will have a legal advisor.

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