Trezor teams up with Satoshi Games to reward gamers in Bitcoin

Gamers can now earn Bitcoin via the Lightning Network while they play Lightnite following a collaboration with hardware wallet provider Trezor

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider Trezor is launching a campaign with Satoshi’s Games, the producer of Bitcoin-powered multiplayer game Lightnite.

The collaboration will see players rewarded for skill and loyalty by allowing them to earn Bitcoin as they play via the Lightning Network.

“We are proud to support projects that shift the bitcoin industry forward and that’s what Satoshi’s Games have been doing lately by using this new technology for in-game bitcoin transactions – the Lightning Network.” Said Pavol Rusnak (Stick), CTO of SatoshiLabs

Developments such as the lightning network have changed the possibilities for developers who want to implement blockchain into their games. Lightnite rewards players for skill and loyalty to the game by allowing them to earn bitcoin as they play, transferring value instantly from one player to another over the Lightning Network.

While there have been gaming experiments with newer cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, this kind of real-time rewards system has not been effectively integrated before, meaning a fast-paced game like Lightnite had no way to take advantage of cryptocurrencies.

Many gamers will no doubt be interested in moving away from pay-to-win mechanisms present in some of the biggest gaming blockbusters (like EA’s controversial loot boxes in Star Wars Battlefront II).

But there is another draw: non-fungible tokens (NFTs), in-game items with unique metadata that allows them to be taken out of the game and stored on a Trezor, or traded to other gamers in exchange for payment. It brings a whole new level of desirability to rare weapons, skins and other regalia, where running a market for sought-after in-game items could become a legitimate business.

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