Tron founder Justin Sun pays $4.5m to have lunch with Warren Buffett

Tron founder Justin Sun will have lunch with renowned investor Warren Buffett, for the small rate of $4.5 million

Tron founder Justin Sun has sensationally won a $4.5 million bid to have lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

The eBay Power Lunch with Warren Buffett Auction is now in its 20th year and opened with a $25,000 bid on Sunday.

Buffett has been a cryptocurrency naysayer since its inception, regularly writing off the asset class as a speculative bubble with no intrinsic value.

However, Sun hopes to enlighten the 88-year-old on the benefits of blockchain technology and digital assets.

“I’m looking forward to meeting a true pioneer in investing,” Sun said.

“I’m excited to talk to Warren Buffett about the promise of blockchain and to get valuable tips and insights from him about entrepreneurship and making bold bets on the future.”

In an open letter to the Tron community, Sun wrote: “I believe we in the blockchain community are at the beginning of an era of immense technological and financial growth. I also firmly believe that with the right communication and understanding, Buffett will change his overall stance on cryptocurrency and blockchain, allowing this new investment strategy to become integrated into his overall portfolio.”

Whether or not Buffett will be persuaded by Justin Sun remains to be seen, but it will certainly be an interesting coming together of an old-school investor with a very new-school marketing expert.

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