Tron’s decentralised apps record a 207% increase in weekly transaction volume

Tron's decentralised apps have recorded a 207% increase in weekly transaction volume, according to statistics from RatingDapp

Tron’s decentralised apps (dApps) have recorded a 207% increase in weekly transaction volume.

Decentralised applications are apps and games which are built on a blockchain and help contribute to and support ecosystems.

The news was posted on Twitter by the RatingDapp account. The tweet reads: “#DappWeekly #Tron #Dapps had a 207% increment on weekly transaction volume, surpassing the sum of #Eos and #Eth.”

The news comes shortly after Tron Foundation’s mainnet accounts reached 2 million users, demonstrating an exponential increase.

It had taken the company roughly 180 days to reach its first million users, but only 68 days to reach the next million.

According to the stats posted by RatingDapp, Tron’s weekly transaction volume has reached $180 million, up from around $59 million in previous weeks.

Tron’s dApps have drastically outperformed its two biggest dApp competitors, EOS and Ethereum.

EOS has recorded $102 million in weekly transaction volume – marking a 28% decrease from previous weeks. Ethereum on the other hand recorded $24 million in weekly transaction volume, giving it a 9% increase.

Another interesting stat provided by DappReview states that Tron dApps have acquired an additional 33,000 users over the past week – marking a 64% growth in users.

It isn’t just the dApp marketplace that Tron has seemingly taken over. Recently, Coin Rivet reported on how TronBet had recorded $41 million in weekly betting volume.

TronBet is a decentralised gambling platform which runs on Tron’s native blockchain and is host to a wide range of games.

In other news, Tron founder Justin Sun is giving away a $20 million airdrop alongside a Tesla car for lucky followers who win his competition.

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