Tron’s layer-two scaling solution for dApps called the Sun Network is set to go live in 2019

Tron founder Justin Sun has announced that users and developers will soon be able to try out the "Sun Network" for dApp sidechains and other cross-chain infrastructure

Tron is set to release its native blockchain scaling network called the “Sun Network” in 2019. The layer-two network will look to enable things like dApp sidechains and other cross-chain infrastructure for the community of Tron-based developers.

The project’s founder Justin Sun tweeted: “The Sun Network will further expand the overall capacity of the Tron network and improve the overall TPS and smart contract execution efficiency.”

In a Medium blog post by the Tron Foundation, a “one picture” infographic describes how the network’s scaling plan involves the use of a dAppchain to “significantly increase the capacity of Tron’s dApps by focusing on adopting customisable ways to run the dApps with extremely low energy consumption, high security, and high efficiency”.

The three phases of the Sun Network dAppchain launch are scheduled for this year, with the testnet due for release at the end of May, the official launch scheduled for the start of August, and finally an “optimisation” phase set for mid-September 2019.

Features that should be delivered in each phase include a “strong decentralised and active ecosystem” in phase two and finally “easy deployment and rapid integration” features for dApp developers.

As of recent weeks, we have seen a record number of dApps running on the Tron ecosystem that have eclipsed the daily active users and contract volumes of dApps running on the rival EOS and Ethereum networks.

The Tron Foundation recently published a report in which it revealed that there are now over 2.3 million accounts that have been created on the network. The report also noted that there had been at least 246 different dApps that had been launched to date on the Tron platform.

Time will tell if the rival blockchain can continue to scale up its network capacity to handle the growth plans of the platform’s BitTorrent network, which is also scheduled to go live in 2019.

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