Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has bought his first Trezor hardware wallet using Bitcoin

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey purchased his first Trezor hardware wallet using his company's own Cash App

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has purchased his first cryptocurrency hardware wallet using Bitcoin.

Dorsey posted a tweet yesterday stating: “Just bought a @Trezor hardware wallet with Bitcoin through @CashApp.”

According to Dorsey, he used his company’s own Cash App to purchase his Trezor wallet with Bitcoin – emphasising his previous sentiments that he has become an avid supporter of Bitcoin and the crypto movement.

Dorsey has been making waves in the crypto space recently. He recently appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast where he spoke about how he believes Bitcoin will become the internet’s “native currency,” while also promoting Square’s Cash App.

Through the Cash App, users are able to purchase Bitcoin and use it for payment at participating stores, something Dorsey himself has alluded to doing before.

Commenting on the Cash App, Dorsey revealed: “The reason we enabled the purchasing of Bitcoin within the app is we wanted to learn about the technology and we wanted to put ourselves out there and take some risks.”

Trezor is one of the world’s leading hardware wallet product developers.

A hardware wallet is a type of storage for cryptocurrency. Unlike mobile or desktop wallets, a hardware wallet remains offline – disconnected from the internet.

This provides additional security since it leaves less room for hackers to compromise the device.

Functionally, a hardware wallet is not dissimilar from an external storage device. Users are able to plug it in and out of their computer devices as needed.

A hardware wallet is not solely designed for storing crypto – it also stores private keys, which helps prevent them from getting into the wrong hands.

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