Twitter to support previewing Solana NFTs through Audius

In another step to help onboard artists and fans to Web3, Audius adds the ability to display NFT Galleries throughout Web2 platforms

Audius, a decentralised audio streaming platform has launched the ability to display and embed NFTs and NFT galleries to audiences on Twitter, Discord, and blogs.

By linking Phantom wallets on Audius, NFT holders can embed their collectibles from the two biggest blockchains on Twitter timelines, personal blogs, and websites for the first time.

Jesse Grushack, cofounder at who recently brokered the acquisition of the 1-of-1 Wu Tang album, said “the engagement around NFTs outside of their insular communities is vital to the growth of this space”.

“What Audius is doing with this feature is aligning collecting NFTs with something everyone can enjoy – music,” he said.

He added the way Audius was continuing to position itself as the web3 hub for musicians was fantastic, and that he couldn’t wait for its approach to the growing music NFT space.

Audius collectibles pages now unfurl ‘in-line’ on Twitter and Discord, similar to how it already works for tracks and playlists.

Followers on Twitter are now able to see all the NFTs in a gallery on their feed as they scroll without needing to leave the page and go to another site.

In addition, NFTs (and entire NFT galleries) can now be embedded (via iFrame) onto any blog or website.

This works very similarly to existing embed functionality for tracks and playlists.

By using the Audius ’embed’ functionality users also gets all the NFT metadata too.

This Solana-based crypto project got its start back in 2018 by raising 5.5 million dollars from venture capitalists. In October 2020 the Audius token was being traded on top exchanges. Recently it launched Solana NFT integration.

AUDIO Token is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and has a supply of 1bn with approximately 400 million in circulation at the time of the blog post.

The token is currently used for three main reasons: to run a discovery or content node, or to pay for features and services and for governance.

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