UEFA Super Cup tickets distributed to mobiles via blockchain

UEFA distributed all tickets to the recent match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid on its new blockchain system

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has launched a blockchain-based service that makes ticket distribution more secure, preventing the replication and duplication of tickets.

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Tickets for the recent UEFA Super Cup game between Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid were sold on the new system.

All tickets on the blockchain

“UEFA distributed 100% of the match tickets sold to the general public through the deployment of a blockchain-based dedicated iOS and Android app,” UEFA says. “UEFA is looking to make its ticket sales process for matches more simple and safe. To achieve this, it chose a blockchain-based ticket distribution system combined with mobile Bluetooth devices at the stadium entrances.”

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Fine-tuning and improvements took place at several events, and the system was first used for 50% of the tickets distributed to the general public for the 2018 UEFA Europa League final between Atletico and Marseille in Lyon.

UEFA says that it will continue to develop the system, with the aim of using it at future events.

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A guide on how to use the mobile tickets can be found here:

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