Understanding the culture and community of crypto

The crypto community is unusual, but that's also why it's fun

Have you ever browsed through crypto Twitter? It can appear like an odd community. What you might find are many cartoon avatars and grown adults acting like children. It can take a while to understand the humour and the inside jokes, but in the end, it’s ultimately worth it.

Compared to traditional financial businesses, the community surrounding cryptocurrencies can look rather amateurish. Whilst this is often labelled as a criticism, there is plenty to enjoy about aspects of the community. Rather than taking itself too seriously, fun is of the essence. Whilst it may seem like a closed club from the outside, you’d be surprised how welcoming people within the space can be.

Generally, most people involved in crypto Twitter are normal young adults. Sure, they may have made a lot of money, but they usually don’t come from extremely wealthy families, which lowers their sense of entitlement. There are a couple of key rules that are essential if you want to become involved. 1) Lose your ego at the door. 2) Don’t act like you know it all, because you don’t. 3) Everyone in this space is generally learning new things every day. 4) Finally, and perhaps most importantly, don’t be an obnoxious idiot.

If you manage to abide by these rules, you will find that people are, more often than not, willing to help with any queries you might have. A willingness to learn and admit your mistakes is also useful.

Some of the best memes I see on a daily basis on Twitter come from the crypto community. Often, people in my office will hear me burst into laughter and wonder what the hell I’m doing. I’m a sucker for a good meme I must admit.

There can be vitriol and abuse on Twitter, there’s no doubt. However, this is often from a joke taken too far or from someone behaving like an idiot. Being flashy is a certain no-no. Lurking on Twitter and seeing what the culture is like can also help you understand the do’s and don’ts. Another warning for you, however: it can be rather addictive.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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