US Navy invests $9.5m in blockchain-based systems

The United States Navy's research centre has signed a $9.5m phase III contract with blockchain-based messaging platform Simba Chain

Blockchain-based secure messaging system Simba Chain has secured a $9.5 million contract with The Naval Air Warfare Centre – a California-based research group of the US Navy.

According to a statement last night, Simba Chain will be tasked with deploying a secure blockchain messaging and transaction platform, described as a “critical need” of the US Department of Defence (DoD).

Simba Chain’s cloud-based blockchain platform will meet a primary objective to rapidly provide NAVWAR, communication system hardware and software.

It will also provide modernisation and sustainment capabilities for both land and sea assets that play a role in undersea communication systems by connecting the “Blockchain Fabric” from seabed to space.

Simba Chain CEO Joel Neidig revealed his delight at the contract, hailing it as a win for both the company and the DoD.

“This is a win not just for SIMBA and our partners, but also for the DoD, which has pursued with single-minded focus, a solution to conduct sensitive, mission-critical operations in a manner that is immutable and non-refutable,” he said.

“We plan to deliver a ‘bulletproof’ platform that meets all objectives.”

The blockchain-based system is built on top of Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform, which allows for safe data exchange.

Tom Keane, Corporate Vice President, Azure Global at Microsoft Corp, said: “We’re supporting the DoD’s vision and SIMBA Chain’s expertise through Microsoft Azure’s vast cloud infrastructure and ability to scale globally, quickly, reliably and securely.

“Advancing the implementation of the Navy’s messaging platform presents a unique opportunity to transform the industry surrounding sensitive information at a time when data security is paramount.”

Simba Chain’s acquisition of a phase III contract from the US Navy marks the first time a US military organisation has publicly adopted blockchain technology, which demonstrates the global softening of views towards the emerging industry.

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