US users can now secretly get paid in Bitcoin using Strike

"A giant leap forward in economic empowerment with the world’s best monetary asset, Bitcoin" - Jack Mallers

Bitcoin wallet Strike has introduced a feature that allows users to get paid in Bitcoin without their employer’s knowledge.

According to serial Bitcoin investor and entrepreneur Anthony Pompliano, Strike users can ask their employer to directly deposit their paycheck into Strike using the details provided by the wallet.

The wallet will then automatically convert a denominated percentage into Bitcoin – with no fees.

Strike CEO Jack Mallers said the main selling point of the feature was that anyone in the US can now get paid in Bitcoin “no matter who they are, where they work or how much they make”.

Mallers covered the feature in more detail in a blog post that outlined how the wallet could  benefit users, saying that it provides “easy access to save and grow wealth” and that it can “empower them economically and enhance the quality of their life”.

Mallers also said the feature was “a giant leap forward in economic empowerment with the world’s best monetary asset, Bitcoin” and that the app was continuing its ambitious goal of “ensuring everyone has easy and cheap access to the best savings technology in human history”.

The blog post divulges more information into the feature, including a “slide and save” option that allows users to decide how much of each incoming deposit is automatically converted to Bitcoin and credited to their account.

Pay Me In Bitcoin’s “Slide and Save” feature

Mallers also revealed more details about the future developments of the project, which include the addition of more countries, the rollout of the much-anticipated Strike API, a Strike Visa Card and Bitcoin rewards.

The reveal of the feature coincided with further bullish news for Bitcoin that briefly pushed its price to over $60k,  the proposed release date for the first bitcoin ETF and Stripe’s proposed development of a native crypto team.

Bakkt, an asset management platform, also revealed a partnership with Google that would allow users to pay for goods and services with their cryptocurrency assets on the app.

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