V-ID and Block 30 Labs hail achievements at DigiByte Summit

At the Digibyte Summit, it wasn't only the DigiByte project showing the advances they have made. Both V-ID and Block 30 Labs showed how far they have come

At the Digibyte Summit, it wasn’t only the DigiByte project showing the advances they have made. Two of their partners, V-ID and Block 30 Labs, also showed how far they have come in a short space of time.


V-ID is a company that will secure a digital file against any unlawful manipulation which helps businesses protect themselves from fraud. They highlighted the work that they had achieved with one of Rembrandt’s historical pieces of art.

Being a Dutch company, it was fitting that they used one of the most famous historical Dutch artists in Rembrandt. His painting “The Virgin and Child in the Clouds” has been successfully validated on a blockchain.

This means that not only is the object better protected but that the validation of such art work can be quicker and and easier. This technology, in theory, can be used to verify other unique physical objects such as artefacts or diamonds.

Block 30 Labs

Block 30 Labs has acquired a strong team from a variety of FinTech sources. At the DigiByte Summit, they discussed the rapid progress of their business model.

Their business model can be broken down into three main area: the marketplace, their payment system and their financial system.

The marketplace is an attempt to recreate the business models of Air BNB and Uber but for the exchange of assets. This will give people the opportunity to buy, sell and invest all through a blockchain. The payment system attempts to improve the compatibility of cryptocurrency to fiat conversion for the industry.

The financial system is a 24/7 system that allows people to invest in “one click”. This is in an effort to increase the popularity of investments in the industry through ease of use.

Block 30 Labs are powered by Digibyte who they believe are the premier technology in the industry right now. Block 30 Labs is also ahead of the roadmap delivery, giving a glimpse into a promising future.

Coming weeks

Stay tuned to Coin Rivet in the coming weeks where we will be speaking directly to both V-ID and Block 30 Labs to discuss their goals, roadmap and aims to disrupt their chosen industries.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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