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Verasity set to take on video technology market

Following the blockchain ad-tech leader's partnership with Brightcove, Coin Rivet spoke to Verasity's founder on what comes next

RJ Mark, founder and CEO of Verasity, says the company’s next major step is to integrate its core modules into the Brightcove marketplace.

Verasity, a protocol and product layer platform for eSports and video entertainment, recently announced a partnership with Brightcove to provide customers with proprietary ad technology.

The potential for growth for the firm is significant as they partner with a company with more than 3,000 customers in over 70 countries worldwide.

The protocol’s ad tech including Ad Stack (VeraViews), the Verasity Rewards System, and Verasity’s Proof of View (PoV) technology had been included in Brightcove’s marketplace.

Mark says Brightcove’s global reach is wholly important to the growth of his company and expresses what his firm has planned in the next evolution of the partnership.

“As mentioned, Verasity’s technology is now available to 3,000 of the largest broadcasters in the world via the Brightcove Marketplace, enabling Brightcove’s customers to leverage our products now or in the near future,” he said.

“When you think about video distribution worldwide, most companies, TV channels, and corporate video platforms use Brightcove, now, these 3000+ broadcasters and video publishers can use Verasity. 

Our next major step is to integrate our core Verasity modules: Rewards, Proof of View, and the rest of our Ad Stack, into the Brightcove native player.”

Disruption to the industry

Brightcove represents 50% of global video distribution as well as controlling some $200bn of the world’s $400bn video ad market and Verasity’s adaptation to the industry with its core modules could cause shockwaves.

“The killer USP for Verasity’s ad-tech stack is that big brand publishers can make money faster from fraud-free ad placement through Brightcove if they leverage Verasity’s technology. They will be paid out in weeks rather than the current industry-accepted 6-9 months,” he expressed.

“The payment models which the likes of Google and Facebook currently adopt will be significantly disrupted by this new paradigm in ad-tech, as broadcasters become accustomed to near-instant settlements.”

2022 plans

Building on its plans to release its core modules into the Brightcove native player, Verasity revealed to Coin Rivet what’s on the horizon for the firm.

“In 2022, more Verasity technologies will be integrated into the Brightcove player,” Mark revealed.

“We are also developing an NFT marketplace alongside major digital rights companies, which will drive transparency in the rapidly-expanding NFT ecosystem.”

Verasity ended 2021 strongly with its pairing with Brightcove and had now begun 2022 even stronger in what looks like could be a significant year for the company.

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